Redirection Controller

  • Using Redirect controller you will be able to redirect or even block your site visitors depending on different factors, such as their location (Continent, Country, State and City), language, IP, date, browser, mobile user, bulk or pattern redirect and more. Define redirect with almost everything like Geolocation, IP Address, Request URL, Third-Party URL, User Role, Guest User, Date and Time, Page, Post, Category etc with 37 different options and any combination.
  • Allows redirection of users based on properties such as user profile, geolocation of user and date/time, etc.
  • Supports simple rules based on singular properties, or complex rules based on mixed logical conditions with multiple properties.
  • Allows redirection based on device type.
  • Redirect users to backup URL during scheduled maintenance.
  • Redirect mobile users to lighter version of your site.
  • Country dropdown shortcode, Using which user can be redirected to country specific website irrespective of Geolocation.

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