Product Controller

  • Allows dynamic control of woocommerce product based on properties such as user profile, geolocation of user and date/time, etc.
  • Supports simple rules based on singular properties, or complex rules based on mixed logical conditions based on multiple properties.
  • Supports hiding of product.
  • Supports replacing product content.
  • Supports adding dynamic content to product, including media and supported HTML tags, at the top and bottom of the product.
  • Supports modal dialogues with image background.
  • Supports automatic generation of shortcode, which can be modified for low-level control.
  • Show certain Product or content for users with privileged access such as a premium account.
  • Hide products from guests.
  • Create a greeting product for special events such as Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving Day, etc.
  • Act as a simple ad manager by placing ad in a product and controlling it based on properties such as date or geolocation.
  • Show special discounts or offers from specific region for a specific event. Example, India Independence day, Chineese New Year, etc.

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