Supercharge your WordPress site without writing any code

Mega platform lets you add powerful dynamism to your WordPress site without the need to write any code.

Offers a range of functionality that traditionally requires a bunch of plugins.

Setup Rules and Relax!

Mega Platform dynamically adapt your page by controlling various elements based on simple logical rules.

  • Quite easy to install and No need to write Single line of code
  • Simple rules based control over pages
  • Scalable across multiple sites
  • Compatible with CloudFlare CDN and security services
  • WordPress multisite support
  • Works with Caching Plugins (Super Cache, W3Total, WP Rocket etc)
  • Compatible with WMPL and WooCommerce

Top Rated Plugin 1000+ Customers Cannot be Wrong

With the Best support team in the industry behind you, you`ll never sit stuck with a problem.
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Supercharge your WordPress site

Full Power Tools for YOUR WORDPRESS WEBSITE in One Plugin
Mega Enterprise Platform

Our Mega platform offers unprecedented ease of use and scalability

  • Our platform offers powerful logic based customization, so you can build an intelligent and dynamic WordPress site that can give your users exactly what they want. What’s more, you don’t even need to have an army of web developers to maintain the system. Even so, our features allow seasoned coders to dive under the hood for tinkering with low-level control.
  • We have developed Mega Platform based on our 20+ years of experience solving real problems in various sectors. Our product puts powerful tools at your fingertips with low knowledge barrier, allowing you to compete with larger and more resourceful players on a level playing field.

Our platform’s strengths

  • Ease of use – Easy to deploy and maintain, easy dropdown list based rules, no need to write any code, New addons and more advanced features shall be made available as they are developed.
  • Highly optimised and stable code – Our team of expert web developers have optimised the platform to provide a fast and fluid experience for your users. Stability is also an important priority for us for minimising business downtime.

Define business rules to add, replace, show and hide WooCommerce Products.

Define business rules to show and hide of WordPress Categories and WooCommerce categories.

Define business rules to show and hide of Widgets.

Define business rules to switch Themes based on Geo location, Date and User Profile etc…

Define business rules to switch Language based on Geo location, Date and User Profile etc…

Define business rules for Site Redirection based on Geo location, Date and User Profile etc…

View google analytics details in WordPress Site.

This a one-stop-solution to manage your stores “Pricing and Discounts”.

Define business rules to control the content and short codes in Text Editors.

Define business rules to replace, add, show and hide page and menu content.

Target Different Geo Locations, Devices, Dates, User Profiles, etc...

Control components of WordPress site with 37 different properties and 14 different logical conditions like AND, OR, EQUAL, NOT EQUAL,etc.

Our Customers Say

I am rating this A+++++ for everything. I recommend this plugin! Feature availability and customer support is the best!

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5 stars for customer support which has been fast and very helpful and understanding, great support. Also the features and flexibility if the plug in are superb. Top plugin!

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Probably the best plugin for this I’ve bought. And I’ve tried nearly all of them. Most don’t work properly or have poor functionality. This is the best one by a mile.

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Dean Hathaway

This plugin not only resolved my problems of redirection for many sites that I implemented, but when a issue came, the support was impeccable and quick. The best in the market.

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The author worked together to see where the problem’s where and in a couple of days fixed the problem and even make a update to plugin for the fixes

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Very good and fast support, had some trouble configuring the redirection rules but the author helped me every step of the way through…

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